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Ep. 24 - Soul Contracts: How to Explain and Understand Your Life Path and The People and Situations That Present

May 24, 2021 Season 1 Episode 24
Therapy Unfiltered
Ep. 24 - Soul Contracts: How to Explain and Understand Your Life Path and The People and Situations That Present
Show Notes

We hope you enjoy this week's episode where we share with you the ins and outs on Soul Contracts! A topic many of you have requested!!

What’s new: 

Petey - Sharing has marked your calendar to join Dr. Lima Bergmann and I on Saturday June 12th from 10am-5pm EST for an all day virtual workshop on developing and aligning to your intuitive healing power.

Sarah - Our podcast is one of the top 10% most popular shows out 2 million plus podcasts globally! Thank you everyone for subscribing, listening and downloading the episodes over the last 6 months. We are excited to have our first advertiser who is a brilliant somatic healer based in Australia, Heidi Hadley. She was on mom’s soul learn membership and guided us through this really cool body healing to release stored trauma. She will also be on an upcoming show as a guest! If you would like to be advertiser, shoot us a message and we’ll see if it aligns. 

Quirky insight: 

Petey - My story with Ron. The first time I saw him I said to myself, I have to be with him, I just have to be with him. And the first time we actually kissed I looked up at him and said, oh I’ve missed you so much. It just popped right out. He said, what do you mean, we just recently met. I said, I don’t know, I’ve just missed you! And it was such a palpable feeling. I have since learned through spirit that Ron and I have had at least 6 lifetimes together.  I know one of our soul contracts was to come back and be legit married in this lifetime and we’re now on 30 years this September! 

Sarah - Meeting Katie when I was traveling from Melbourne to Tasmania, we kept running into each other and actually her boyfriend took a photo on the ferry of my friend and I as the trip began. It was a 10-hour ferry ride and when we arrived, you go down to the bottom of the boat, get into your vehicle and drive the 4 hours to where Falls Festival is held over new years.  She’s actually the reason I got into yoga and who I went to YTT with in India and learned ™ with in Bali. There is such a strong soul connection and we’ve learned that we’ve had many lifetimes together. 


Why do people call it a soul contract? Because it was made as a soul. When you’re making the soul contract before you come into this lifetime, it carries enormous weight on a soul level. This is because you’re making an agreement, a promise or a vow to uphold what you need to do for your greatest good, what you need to do to move your soul forward. You’ve made this soul contract and it’s not just something you can cancel even once you know about it. 


Affirmation: I now understand with complete clarity that people and situations present in my life to fulfill my soul contract. I accept it is for my highest good to learn my soul lessons. 


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